▶ Solid Tire

  NEXEN SOLID TIRE consists of premium 3 layers of tread, cushion, bead and bead wire. 

ⓐ Tread

Tread is a thick rubber layer for direct contact with road. it has a strong wear resistance since it is directly related to wear lifetime of tire.

ⓑ Cushion

Cushion provides safety and comfort while driving applications, since it has an advantage in absorbing vibration & impact.

ⓒ Bead

Bead will fix tire to rim under high load weights and twists in order to prevent tire and rim from slip.

ⓓ Bead Wire

Bead wire is a steel wire which helps bottom part of tire can be clamped to rim.

ⓔ Side block

Side block will protect tire by absorbing impact from outside. It also acts an important role in lowering down the internal heat.

ⓕ J-Line

J-line is a boundary line between tread and cushion.

If tread rubber is close to J-line, tire has to be replaced.

ⓖ Sidewall

Sidewall protects internal cushion layer from outer impacts. Tire information such as Brand, size and country of origin is marked on sidewall.

ⓗ Mount

It is a part where tire and rim are clamped. 

There are standard type and Easy fit (click) type.