Traction pattern = "Tire pattern with lateral grooves"

It is mainly used in outdoor workplaces because of its excellent grip on the ground and excellent traction.

In addition, the road surface is advantageous in rough workplaces.

◎ NP01

The optimal load balancing design is a specialized pattern for transporting heavy loads.
It ensures strong traction and braking performance and is durable because it reduces vibration and impact.
Edge Impact, warping suppression allows stable driving, which is used in premium tires.

· Applicated Brand - SOLIDPRO700 (TRACTION)


It is a zigzag design that increases the ground surface and improves steering.
Due to the angular shape of the center, it is called the Cross Bar X, the CBX pattern for short, 

and is best suited for forklift tire applications
It is a pattern that has been used for a long time.


· Applicated Brand  - ALL-PRO HP (TRATION)

◎ CB

The Cross Bar and CB pattern is characterized by a wider block compared to the CBX.
Each block is zigzag and has the widest ground surface of any traction pattern. 

· Applicated Brand  - NEXEN


Features grooves that intersect and cross the ground plane of the tire.
Less foreign material entrapment and less tire damage even in harsh working environments.


· Applicated Brand  - NEXEN

◎ MS

Mud & Snow pattern that is resistant to mud floor and snow.
Reliable driving and steering when loading heavy loads.


· Applicated Brand  - NEXEN