All products sold by NEXEN CORPORATION, hereinafter known as the MANUFACTURER, shall be delivered free from defects in workmanship and material.

The MANUFACTURER has the right to change its product specifications at any time at its own option.

The MANUFACTURER further warrants that all product(s) sold by it, meet or exceed the specifications and regulations 

regarding technical performance and industrial safety as in force in the country of origin at the time of order acceptance.

The MANUFACTURER's Limited Warranty does not apply where the product(s) sold by the MANUFACTURER are not 

properly installed, used or serviced.

In the event of a claim by the original buyer or first user of the product(s) for alleged breach of the above Limited Warranty, 

the MANUFACTURER will, at its option, repair or replace the product(s) sold under the following conditions.

The MANUFACTURER must receive written notice of the claim, stating full details and particulars (usage, application, 

installation, date and conditions of use at time of failure, date and number of invoice covering the products/products under 

claim etc.), within 90(ninety) calendar days from date of first application or usage, or 180(one hundred eighty) calendar 

days from date of the MANUFACTURER's covering invoice, whichever period is the longest; The product(s) will be held 

available for inspection by the MANUFACTURER or its Representative for a period not exceeding 90(ninety) calendar 

days from the date of the first claim. 

If not inspected by the MANUFACTURER or its authorized Representative within that period, the claim shall be deemed 

as accepted and will be settled as per the terms of this Limited Warranty. The user may dispose of the product(s) as he 

sees fit.


The MANUFACTURER shall be limited to replace the product(s) under claim, but not inspected on an ex-factory value 

basis; Upon inspection by the MANUFACTURER of product(s) under claim, a decision will be made regarding settlement 

of the claim, or the return of the product(s) to the MANUFACTURER's plant for inspection, repair and replacement. Return 

of the product(s) to the MANUFACTURER's plant shall be at user's expense.

Replacement by new product(s) or repair or the damaged product(s) shall be at the expense of the MANUFACTURER, 

on a CIF port of Entry in country of destination basis.


The MANUFACTURER makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to the product(s) it sells. 

The MANUFACTURER's liability under this Limited Warranty is limited exclusively to the action and or values outlined 

above. Under no conditions is the MANUFACTURER liable for any damages to person(s) or property, as the user will be 

responsible to have adequate liability insurance to cover such events.


No person, agent, representative or officer of the MANUFACTURER's corporation is empowered to change, adapt or 

modify this Limited Warranty.