▶ Global No.1 NEXEN

We, NEXEN Corporation, are one of the leading companies in rubber industry producing industrial solid tire, inner tube, flap, bladder, golf ball, and carbon master batch.
We make constant improvements of technology to be global No.1 in Solid tires industry beyond Korea No.1.

NEXEN Corp. runs two manufacturing plants and R&D center in Korea and a plant in China for tire inner tube to provide the most qualified products through global networks; America, Mexico, Canada, Australia, England, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Egypt, and many other partners in the world.

With the high-end technology of rubber mixture, forming and tire design, NEXEN directly supplies solid tire to world-famous forklift makers as their Original Equipment(OE) and fulfills various needs of customers by providing solutions for Forklift, Seaport, and Airports material handlings.


On the way to a better future, we will create the synergy as a group

With Nexen Corporation as the holding company, we have five affiliated companies, including Nexen Tire, KNN, Nexen D&S and Nexen Wolsuk Cultural Foundation.
We have a total of 33 subsidiaries globally of which 18 are located overseas.

Growth and evolution are the basis for success of Nexen Tire 

With the first successful domestic production of tires for vehicle accomplished in 1956, Nexen Tire is committed to becoming a major player on a global scale with expertise accumulated over past 70 years.

KNN, a leader in the development of the multi-media broadcasting culture in Northeast Asia

KNN has long been a leader in the development of the multi-media broadcasting culture of Gyeongnam with its head office located at Busan. As the key broadcaster of Busan, KNN has undertaken initiatives at technological turning points while providing a communication channel for diverse views.

Nexen D&S, a company providing customized asset management and rental service

The company was split off from Nexen Corporation real estate rental division and rental management division, and is directly performing facilities management service for leased real estate in addition to enhancing sales through reasonably adjusting lease conditions, such as managing the Nexen Gangnam Tower in Seoul.

Nexen Wolsuk Cultural Foundation proud to be a company with considerable potential to contribute to the welfare of society

Established in January 2008, endowed by the Nexen group and Kang Byeong-joong, the chairman of Nexen Group, the Nexen Wolsuk Cultural Foundation donates scholarship funds and provides the source of funding for promoting art & culture of the local society.