▶ Ethical standards of Nexen

Nexen is making a flying leap at becoming a global leading company 

through strict code of ethics  

NEXEN, as an excellent company, carries out its corporate roles and social responsibilities by sharing core values of ‘Innovation’, ‘Integrity’, ‘People’, ‘Passion’, ‘Teamwork’, ‘Customer’ , and following laws and ethics for continuous growth.
Hereupon, Nexen establishes ethical standards as criteria for right behaviors and values, and resolves to practice them.

  • We create best-quality products and services to carry out our responsibilities and obligations for customers.
  • We strengthen our competitive advantage through fair competition and transactions, in accordance with relevant laws.
  • Our growth evolves around customers, shareholders and employees.
  • We establish a clean and respectable organization culture.
  • We carry out our responsibility for social contribution, safety and environments to develop as a trustworthy company.
  • Management and union form a partnership for continued growth based on harmonization and mutual trust.

NEXEN Corporation
CEO Kang ho chan

▶ 10 Practice Agenda

10 promises for trustworthy Nexen

  • We carry out our responsibilities and obligations for customers, shareholders, the nation and local communities.
  • We follow laws, respect order of free competition market and seek for fair competition.
  • In any event, we do not use the company's assets (public funds) for personal purposes but execute them transparently and honestly according to regulated procedures and rules.
  • We do not conduct unfair business such as accepting bribery, treat or entertainment using our superior position but assure fair opportunities to all subcontractors and suppliers and seek for mutual growth through fair transactions.
  • We do not lead or get involved in all illegal or unethical behaviors and actions considered as so such as bribe, rebate, price-fixing and conspiracy.
  • We do not unfairly use or reveal confidential business information, technologies and data of the company, customers, shareholders or subcontractors to the third parties including competitors.
  • When contacting customers, subcontractors or external organizations, we watch out our behaviors with a polite and respectful attitude and a mental ttitude of being a representative of the company to become trustworthy.
  • We refrain from unhealthy privacy and self-administer ourselves thoroughly.
  • We do not do any behaviors unrelated to work during office hours.
  • We root out clique formation, false rumor canard, employee discrimination treatment, defamation of character, violence and sexual harassment which can negatively affect the company.

▶ Clean Center

The 'Clean Center' is always open for better Nexen

  • The 'Clean Center' is always open for employees, customers and shareholders
  • All the information about informants are kept strictly confidential. Results are returned to the contact previously provided in writing.

  • Inquiries related to ethical management
  • Unethical actions of employees
  • Unfair work process
  • Accepting valuables and treats
  • Request for bribe and rebate
  • Leakage of company's information
  • Other unethical actions